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Joy - Spagyric Mushroom Tincture with Cordyceps

Joy - Spagyric Mushroom Tincture with Cordyceps

With Reishi, Cordyceps, Rosemary, Hawthorne Berry and Peppermint.

Joy is a carefully curated blend of wild-harvested medicinal ingredients that work to elevate the mind and body. Reishi acts as a precursor to neurotransmitters and endorphins that work to improve mood, while Rosemary supports serotonin production and overall cognitive health. Alchemized with protective Hawthorne berries that work to prevent the negative effects of stress hormones on mood, the energy-boosting benefits of Cordyceps, and an energizing Peppermint taste, supports both your inner and outer vibrancy.

May support:

* Neuroprotection
* Mood-Boosting
* Energy Production
* Adrenal System Function
* Serotonin Modulation
* Mitochondrial Health
* Cardiac Health
* Antioxidant Support*

Suggested Ritual:  Take 1 dropper full under the tongue or in water, between 1-3x daily.
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