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Clarity - Spagyric Mushroom Tincture with Lions Mane

Clarity - Spagyric Mushroom Tincture with Lions Mane

With Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Cat’s Claw and Bacopa Spagyric Extracts

Boost your mental performance and rediscover focus. Our Clarity tincture contains a powerful blend of Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Cat’s Claw, and Bacopa mushroom alchemized with mineral, ash, and alcohol extracts, to support optimal cell absorption and nervine equilibrium. Our extracts can help increase cognitive function, enhance memory and balance your mood when taken as part of your daily routine.

Herbal + Fungi Benefits May:

* Boost Energy, Focus and Mental Clarity
* Increase Adaptability to Stress
* Build Nervous System Resilience and Regeneration
* Balance Mood and Memory
* Healthy Circulation and Oxygenation of Cells
* Reduce Inflammation and Strengthen Immune Function*
Suggested Ritual:  Take one full dropper beneath your tongue or add it to warm water, herbal teas, kombucha, juice and smoothies up to 3x daily.
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